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1950's CARTOON - Graduation day for street cleaners Vintage shot of Sunfish tipping over in the sea 1950's CARTOON - Turtle Laughing 1950's CARTOON Wolf wants Turtle Steak 1950's CARTOON Disembodied Hand sticking out of handbag 1950's CARTOON Wolf creeping behind trees searching.. 1960s Flower Children Hyde Park Hippy Legalize Pot 1950s CARTOON Wolf Dreaming of Having Steak color 1950s CARTOON Starving Cinched Belt in color 1970s Chinese Shopping District At Night 1950s CARTOON Knife Play in Color 1970s Various Cars on Highway 1970 Policeman Tollbooth Window 1971 Chevy Pickup Truck in Desert Aerial of Chicago Smoggy 1956 Los Angeles Skyline 1956 1940s Boys Selling Newspapers on Street BW Slow Zoom Out of Man Fishing in The Wisconsin Dells (4K)