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Couple asleep at the beach Vintage scene of man atop wall overlooking beach Groovy dance party 1960s woman in bikini at the beach Woman applying sunscreen to a mans back Couple at the beach Zoom in on two woman walking on beach Man laying on beach with hat covering his face 1950's CARTOON - Octopus post office worker Woman diving into the water Woman swimming beneath the waves Man does an impressive double summersault dive into a pool Girl in short shorts wiggling her hips Woman diving into a pool in slow motion MLK and Coretta Scott King in Alabama 1963 1950's CARTOON - Monkeys feeding humans at the zoo A drive through Chinatown Man diving into ocean 1960s Flower Children Hyde Park Hippy Legalize Pot 1960s Disembodied Hands rolling Marijuana Cigarette 1950s Mother Gives Daughter a Glass of Water BW  1950s Baby in crib shaking his head smiling BW 1950s CARTOON Wolf Dreaming of Having Steak color 1950s CARTOON Starving Cinched Belt in color