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Couple asleep at the beach Vintage scene of man atop wall overlooking beach Groovy dance party 1960s woman in bikini at the beach Woman applying sunscreen to a mans back Couple at the beach Zoom in on two woman walking on beach Woman diving into the water Woman swimming beneath the waves Girl in short shorts wiggling her hips Woman diving into a pool in slow motion 1960s Flower Children Hyde Park Hippy Legalize Pot 1960s Disembodied Hands rolling Marijuana Cigarette 1950s Mother Gives Daughter a Glass of Water BW  1950s Baby in crib shaking his head smiling BW 1950s CARTOON Wolf Dreaming of Having Steak color 1970s Chinese Shopping District At Night 1950s CARTOON Knife Play in Color 1950s  AMUSEMENT PARK | FERRIS WHEELS 1950S CHILDREN IN PLAYGROUND 1950s Mother Gives Daughter Allowance 1970s City Traffic Vintage Cars, Cabs, Movie Marquees 1970s Various Cars on Highway 1970 Policeman Tollbooth Window