Q: If I purchase a clip online with instant delivery, will it still have the watermark, time code, or logos?

A: No! Only the free preview files have the watermark, time code, or logos. The exception is that in some special situations we might require (or, a customer can request) a logo to be placed on the video.

Q: What is the available resolution of the footage?

A: Our archive contains footage from the late 1800's right through to the present day; so, we have a wide variety of film, video, and modern HD formats to work with. We have the technical ability to provide most of the footage in our collection in any modern video format needed, from SD to PAL to HD. The HD clips available for immediate sale on our site are in QuickTime 1920x1080 1080p ProRes 422 HQ format, at 29.97 fps, but note that we can provide the footage in any format needed for an additional nominal lab fee.

Q: What are the technical specifications for the HD archival clips?

A: Most archival footage was shot in the older 4:3 SD video format. In order to accommodate most user needs, we have captured these HD clips in a special 1080p "Smart" format, which fills the 16:9 widescreen format horizontally without any loss of image from the original 4:3 source material. For editors and users that would like to use the footage in the original 4:3 ratio, they need only drop it into their edit software, and re-size the image to 25% smaller horizontally to view the footage in its original pillarbox format. Please note, though, that we can re-capture any footage in our library to meet any resolution or frame rate needs. Just call us at (212) 620-3955 to discuss your project!

Q: What is "Buy the Second" pricing?

A: Quite a bit of the footage in our collection are longer form clips, or short films. In order to offer as large a variety as possible to customers and filmmakers, we will put up these clips in longer format, offering the ability for users to purchase just the seconds they need for their film or project. Footage is ordered by providing us the IN and OUT points of footage sections needed; simply enter these time code IN and OUT points in the "Notes" field when checking out, or use the "Contact Form" on the site to let us know. Note that there is a 5-second minimum order for "Buy the Second" orders from these longer clips, but the 10-seconds need not be consecutive (you can purchase five seconds from earlier in the clip, and five seconds later in the clip, for example. Also, "Buy the Second" orders are available in any SD, PAL, or HD format needed.

Q: What is a "Lightbox" and how do I use it?

A: A lightbox allows you to hold clips and images that you may wish to order or save for future consideration. You can create different lightboxes for different projects, manage their contents, and share them with friends and colleagues.

Click the "Add to Lightbox" button below any video on MyFootage to add it to a lightbox.

To see and manage your lightboxes, click the "My Lightboxes" button in the navigation area atop any page on MyFootage. In the "My Lightboxes" area you can you can view and manage the contents of your lightboxes, name and describe your lightboxes, and send lightboxes to friends.

When you click "View & Add to Cart" to see the contents of a lightbox in the "My Lightboxes" area, you can choose any or all of the items in the lightbox and add them to your "Shopping Cart" for purchase. You can also enter notes about specific clips and images for future reference. These notes are included when you use the "Send to friends" feature to send a lightbox to colleagues via e-mail.

If you are a registered and signed-in user on MyFootage, you may create multiple different lightboxes and the contents of each is saved automatically so you can access your lightboxes anytime, from any computer.

If you are a guest user (not signed-in) you have a single "Guest Lightbox". Please note that the contents of the "Guest Lightbox" is not saved across your sessions. We recommend that you register with MyFootage and sign-in so that your lightbox contents will be saved.

Q: How extensive is your library?

Our pool of films is vast and far reaching through the ages. We have millions of hours of film footage, thousands of reels of tape that we archive and catalogue on a daily basis.  Many of our archived films are in SD format which we convert according to specs.

You'll find a very large choice of vintage on our original site, myfootageresearch.com

Video clips are uploaded daily to our youtube site, https://youtube.com/myfootage